Krell KSP 7B Full Feature Preamp, Outstanding! - SOLD

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Here we yet another incredible piece from the Richard K Collection... the Krell, KSP 7B Class A fully optioned preamp. A component of the highest order and an iconic slice of audio history. 

First off, the preamp is cosmetically perfect - unblemished! NO dings, dents or blemishis of any kind; that goes for the outboard power supply too. The KSP 7B has both balanced and RCA outputs and a full phono section with the ability to tailor cartridge loading for including low output MCs. It has a phase invert and hi/low gain switches on the panel. The Krell KSP-7B is the first of the generation of Krell preamplifiers that uses bipolar transistors in it's output stage instead of the MosFet's in for example the PAM5 and PAM7.

The power supply is dual regulated and separate for each channel and separate for the phono stage. Compared to the older Krell's the sound is even more dynamic and controlled.The highs are more refined and have more dynamic expression.The bass is of exceptional quality, which is no surprise with Krell equipment.It's clean, fast, powerful and detailed. Soundstaging is expansive and accurate - just a breathtaking preamp in the cleanest condition. A solid 9+ in appearance and a 10+ in performance.

NO DISAPPOINTMENTS with this Krell. It's 100% extraordinary. Original box, packaging and full folder of paperwork. Amazing!!

Come demo this fine Krell preamp here at the shop or purchase with confidence on this website. 

Krell, KSP 7B Full Fuction Preamp: $1399 + sales tax where applicable