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The Theater Amplifier Standard (TAS) is one of Krell's biggest multi-channel amps. It provides substantial 5-channel output power that creates realistic sound stage while preserving accurate and compelling musicality. In utilizing the Current Mode technology, the audio gain stages of the TAS are performed in the current, rather than in the voltage domain. The result is increased speed and detail.

Normally, the TAS produces 200 WPC x 5 channels into 8 Ohm (400 W into 4 Ohm). While bridged, you get two 800 W channels into 8 Ohm and a 200 W channel for the center.

In addition, Krell’s Multi Amp Throughput allows you to connect one channel to the amplifier’s balanced or single-ended input and have that signal distributed to all five channels. This feature would be helpful for some whole-house audio applications, especially those installing high performance in-wall loudspeakers.

Power is supplied by two massive 2kV toroidal power transformers (4kV total).


• Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz, +0/-0.09dB; 25Hz-170kHz, +0/-3dB
• Signal/noise: greater than 110dB, A-weighted
• THD: 0.03% @ 1kHz, 0.20% @ 20kHz
• Gain: 25.8dB
• Input impedance: 100kohms
• Input sensitivity: 2.05V
• Output voltage: 113V peak-peak, 40V RMS
• Output power: 200Wpc @ 2ohms, 400Wpc @ 4ohms, 800Wpc @ 8ohms, adjacent channels bridged
• Inputs: 5 single-ended RCA, 5 balanced XLR, 1 dB-25
• Outputs: 5-way binding posts
• Dimensions: 17.3" x 9.8" x 17.1" (WxHxD)
• Weight: 110 lbs

This is a straight up "Beast" of an amp capable of powering the most demanding HT setup. Wonderful condition and just gone through by our in-house tech who gives it an emphatic clean bill of health. Output DC-bias to all channels checked and within 10mV.  Krell is one of the most respected names in audio... This piece is more than representative of the brand. Highest quality in every way. 

Cosmetically, nearly flawless.  A few small marks on the top of the brushed alum case.

Krell, Theater Standard 5, multichannel HT Amplifier: $2,500 plus applicable sales tax