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The Kudos, Cardea 2 has a number of family characteristics inherent in other Kudos products. These are smallish, floor standing, two-way loudspeakers with two drivers and one large bass reflex port that is pulled down into the stand. The mid-woofer from SEAS has a cone made of coated paper and a very small hemispherical hard cap. The tweeter with a wide flange and light horn deepening is also from SEAS; it is installed in a separate chamber. After eying the big tweeters in Sonus Faber and Audio Physic speakers a simple 1 inch soft dome looks very tiny. The bodies, made of MDF with the thickness of 18 mm and covered with a very beautiful veneers of dark brown with yellow veins or light oak and have sharp edges all around. The massive stand is detached from the main body by legs.

On the back wall of the body there is only a switchboard with one pair of excellent acoustic terminals by Michell Engineering and that it. This appearance of small two-way loudspeakers is extremely iconic. Cardea C2 is made with very high quality and causes even more positive vibes than even the prolific ProAc, Studio 140 MkII and that's REALLY saying something!

These very excellent Kudos "babies" show some special synergy with the quality tube and SS amps around the shop - like a fine wine, they have a nobel pallet. Kudos products are always distinguish by aristocratic sound, but Cardea C2 shows not only subtlety and refinement, but also positive energy with the ability to convey the heavy drama of complicated classical pieces. We are pleasantly surprised by their ability to bring the different structure of the piano registers to the listener - a task beyond the ability of most full-fledged three-way systems. Switching to rock/metal proved no sweat at all for the Cardeas - they are punchy, rhythmic and able to untangle every layer of even the crunchiest of guitars. Just a well balanced fabulous speaker!

Theae have been throughly gone through here in house by our EXPERT speaker tech and they are ready to go. Solid 9+ condition in every way and a pure joy to listen to.

Come hear these wonderful Brit masterpieces here at the Lawrence shop or buy with every assurance via this website.

Kudos, Cardea 2 Towers: $999 + applicable sales tax