Kyocera PL-701 Automatic Classic HiEnd TT

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The Kyocera PL-701 is a humble-looking turntable with a ton of high-tech features. Some of these features include a servo-controlled DC motor drive with +-3% pitch control adjustment, and a tonearm with electronic sensing, and a carbon fibre removable headshell.   Recommended cartridge weight for this table is 3-10g with 0-3g stylus pressure.  The PL-701 is belt driven, which means the main drive is simple and easy to maintain.  In addition, the unit is designed with a low-resonant sub-platter made from a ceramic composite resin. Add electronic cuing and a fully aromatic drive and you're cooking with gas.

The example we have available is beautiful with clean and tight performance. Brand new belt and fully aligned using a Dr. Feickert Protractor -  It comes complete with a Rega, Bias 2 low mass MM cart that follows the groove extremely well and true.  The table is in excellent overall condition.  No disappointments!

Demos are available at our Lawrence, MA showroom.

Kyocera PL-701 Automatic TT: $599 plus applicable sales tax