LFD, Phono LE "Extraordinary Phono Preamp"

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"The LFD Phonostage LE has a fixed standard input impedance of approximately 47kΩ, which suits the majority of moving magnet and high output moving coil cartridges available. Although altering the load impedance seen by a cartridge changes the sound quality to some extent, the quality of the resistor employed is far more important. Subjective evaluation has established that the added complexity caused by switching in different resistor values to define input impedance produces unacceptable level of signal degradation, which therefore dictates that a fixed input impedance is the only option offered." - LFD

So this is a straight up fabulous phono pre. The reviews are plentiful out on the net so we're not going to spend a lot of time giving it our traditional sexy saturated write up. It does however perform to a level seldom seen in this shop. This LFD has a presentation that surpassed phono preamps we've had costing 3x as much. I actually took it home for a week to play in my own system and found it just a fabulous piece paired with Rega, Van den Hul and Hana carts. Serious analog aficionados will appreciate its ability to truly show the sonic signature of your particular carts. Adds zero color but is deep, dark and amazingly quiet. Just wonderful.

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LFD, Phono LE: $649 plus sales tax where applicable