Linn, Classik CD Player/Receiver - Compact Cool (Silver)

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Linn Products Ltd UK has probably won every audio-related award for every audio-related category ever conceived in its nearly 50 year history.  Speakers, turntables, amplifiers, active crossovers, DACs, music systems, and even a specialty record label are all created with utmost precision in Linn's Glasgow factory.  The company has been around so long because they simply know how to stay relevant and excel at doing it. 

Case-in-point: Lifestyle systems of the 1990s and 2000s -- Compact, feature-rich, and powerful home systems for those audiophiles who either aren't into "showy" or simply don't have space for a big setup.  Linn introduced the Classik CD Receiver for just this purpose.  

Now, this concept was not new.  Nakamichi, for example, had been designing mini systems for about 15 years before the Classik came out.  Pioneer and Sony had compact systems in the 1970s.  but what made Linn Classik different (besides the spelling) was quality and utter simplicity of the design that made it a very popular option. 

This little unit runs perfectly and spits out 75 watts per channel of power into 8 ohm loads with ease and clarity using MOSFET outputs, so the sound signature is smooth and unfatiguing. The 3-beam CD player with mechanized tray ensures accurate reading of older and more modern discs.  Plus the unit has a great FM tuner, and three line in/out loops for other sources. Add to that the illusive original REMOTE & we have yet another winner.  It's great! 

Demos are encouraged in Lawrence, MA.

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