Linn Kan Exceptional Monitors Complete w/Kan Stands

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The list of iconic British bookshelf speakers is a long one – too long to comprehensively itemize here. But some of the best known designs include the legendary LS3/5a built by the likes of Rogers and Spendor, the Epos ES11, the ProAc Tablet – and, of course, the Linn Kan.

The Kan is a small, two-way bookshelf speaker that actually lives up to that description in that it is meant to be positioned on a shelf, or stands, close to a wall. That said, it’s arguably happiest (and sounds best) when located on a set of rigid, spiked stands: Linn actually offered bespoke stands for the Kan.


The Kan was first released in 1979, and underwent a number of running changes and improvements (arguable) during its model cycle. These included upgraded crossover components, and up-specced drivers.

The Kans were finally replaced by the Kan II in 1991 and while cosmetically very similar, the most noticeable difference was the provision for bi-wiring via two sets of recessed binding posts. These were linked to a completely reworked crossover designed to provide a more linear response, with less midrange emphasis. Although sounding great, the Kan II tended to loose the same liquid midrange magic that made the initial version so coveted.

The Linn Kan has always divided opinion. The voicing of the originals was considered coloured by its detractors, and some believe they were optimised for use with Naim electronics which was far from the truth. Either way, these are speakers that are either vehemently detested or ardently adored, depending on who you speak to. We at HHA fall firmly in the camp of finding these little British rascals just amazing and if positioned correctly, can outduel MANY of the high priced similar sized BBC type boxes. I know, I've had them all. Hypnotizing in how they disappear in the room leaving nothing but the music. Just love'em!

Kans play best when placed on their Kan Stands of which we have the matching set to go with. These stands are incredibly difficult to find but nonetheless, we have the full Kan/stand package from the extraordinary Richard K. Collection. These Kans, like everything else from Richard's collection, are in impeccable condition and perform as intended. Special speakers would be an understatement. 

Come demo these fine Linn monitors here in Lawrence or buy with confidence here on our site.

Original Linn, Kan w/must have Kan Stands: $899 plus sales tax when applicable