Linn, Klout - Arguably The Finest Amp Linn Ever Produced

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Here is an incredible opportunity to buy an awesome Linn, Klout stereo power amplifier that is in impeccable condition. This piece was used sparingly in a second system and it looks and tests as such. Blemish free and tested to spec right out of the gate. Was on the tech bench playing for 24hrs and is now firing our Naim, SBL with a Spectral preamp. Talk about a match made in heaven, oh my; sublime. The Klout's name is totally accurate - it provides deep slamin bass with an immediate presence. High end is highly resolving with just the right amount of shimmer and mids are lush and organic. A really wonderful amp worthy of all the online rave reviews. It also comes complete with a set of AudioQuest, Crystal II Hyperlitz speaker cables with the needed Linn ends. A $200 value! Please know there isn't a finer example of this amp anywhere and at any price; yep, it's that piece.

The Linn Klout is one of the very best amplifiers to be produced by Linn and widely used in top flight Linn systems. It can easily drive most speakers and can be simply switched (button underneath) to operate using most of the world’s mains voltages. It is very very sturdily built and is deceptively heavy. The front panel, heat sinks at the sides and the rear panel are all ONE piece of thick metal.

Product Information Sheet - February 1999

LINN KLOUT - Stereo Power Amplifier

Provides the uncompromising power, stability and performance required to drive any loudspeaker to the highest standard of musical accuracy.

  • Two separate amplifiers in one box each with its own fully regulated and isolated power supply for the ultimate loudspeaker control and stability
  • Protection circuitry which does not limit output current. (protected against: transistor overload, instantaneous over-current, short circuit, over-temperature, over and under voltage, DC input, power supply in-rush current)
  • Advanced circuitry to maximise loudspeaker control and protect the amplifier and loudspeakers from overload
  • Three sets of speaker outputs for optimised bi-and tri-wiring upgrades or driving auxiliary loudspeakers
  • Parallel line-in/line-out connectors for ‘daisy-chained’ multi-amplifier installations
  • Remote switch-on facility to enable freedom of location and system configuration
  • Front facia bi-coloured LEDs to indicate product status
  • Massive heatsink extrusion for cool, stable performance
  • Fully screened transformer to allow hum-free stacking
  • Linn active crossover modules accommodated internally for improved playback
  • performance and simple active system installation
  • Surface-mount electronics to improve heat dissipation and reliability, and provide
  • optimum signal handling
  • Ultra-short signal path, which preserves music signal integrity, in a very compact package


Introduced: 1992

Type: Stereo Power Amplifier

Input Connectors: 1 Pair RCA Phono/Channel

Input Impedance: 5k Ohms

Voltage Gain: 28.5dB

Power Output: 160W/Channel/4 Ohms, 80W/Channel/8 Ohms

Speaker Connectors: 3 pairs 4mm sockets/channel

Power Consumption: 840W maximum, 25W idling

Power Supply: 100/120/220/240V +/- 10%

Size: 12.60" x 12.83" x 3.15" (W 320mm x D 326mm x H 80mm)

Weight: 24.25 lbs / 11kg

Come have a listen to this incredible Linn power package or hit the buy now button on this site.

Linn, Klout Power Amplifier w/AudioQuest Crystal II Speaker Cables: $1299 + sales tax when applicable