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This is a pair of the original Linn SARA Isobarik loudspeakers in teak. The SARA is the only 2-Way Isobarik speaker Linn ever manufactured. Isobarik loading is a unique bass loading technology pioneered and patented by Linn in the early 1970s. It uses two bass drivers, one behind the other, working together to allow much deeped and more controlled bass than can normally be gotten in a small cabinet. The SARAs use two highly modified KEF 8” drivers for bass and midrange and a 1” soft dome tweeter for highs. These are highly sought after and are considered amongst the greatest stand mount speakers ever produced. 

This particular pair of SARAs function wonderfully. They put out a surprising amount of bass for the compact cabinet size – especially when they are positioned close to the wall as recommended by Linn. SARAs are a very musical and detailed speaker that can justify the best of sources. These are one of those classic components that have a certain musical magic that you don’t find in most of the hi-fi out there. All original but one tweeter that was replaced a while back. 

The cabinets are in excellent condition and come complete with original sponge grills and XLR connector HQ speaker lines.

Introduced in 1979 as a smaller alternative to the Linn Isobarik, the Sara produces 90% of the sound at a fraction of the size & cost. Just amazing stand mounts and a true slice of audio history.

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Linn, Sara exceptional stand mount speaker system: $729 + sales tax when applicable

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