Luxman, MB 3045 Monoblock Tube Amps... Exceptional!

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The Luxman 3045B is an outstanding amplifierWith this tuber, you're pretty much at the limit of push-pull sound. The transformers are beyond reproach. This particular set has already undergone the conversion  to KT88/6550 tubes that most all have gotten done professionally as the original 8045 tubes have become strataspherically expensive and are super rare.

Many believe the MB-3045 monos sound better than the famed McIntosh MC30s & yep, we love us some vintage Mac but know, these Luxman amplifiers are exquisite. The 3045s are imaging champs and throw an absolutely holographic sound package. Upgrading to a the stronger power tubes shows them to be even more impactful with an added sense of dynamics. Designed by the incredible Tim DeParavicini when he was with Luxman, these amps have become collectors items and are truly bucket list classic audio electronics. This set has been gone through extensibly by our expert in-house tech staff and has been given a clean bill of health. Visually they are in a solid 8+ condition with just the tube cages showing and real signs of wear. All in all an exceptional pair of these iconic Luxman components. From the Richard K collection is finely curated audio - this set of MB 3045s are without peer. 

High-end tube amplifier representing Luxman's heyday in the mid 1970s. Primary is made of four windings wound together to reduce leakage and distortion inherent to Class AB or Class B amplifiers; the GX100-3.6 transformer can deliver more than 35W at 35Hz. In Class B, the power dissipated on the plate can amount to 60W at 1Khz, thanks to its structure and high heat-dissipation metal.

Push-pull stage: Contemporary Modifications
Made of two KT88/6550 triodes on which a negative feedback loop is applied.

DC driver stage
Of the cathode-follower type, uses newly developed 6240G double-triodes.

To rise the gain obtained by the driver stage, another 6240G double-triode is used here, with a 200V tension applied to the plate. A 5dB NFB is applied between the cathode and the 4th winding of the output transformer.

Differential amplifier
Its first stage uses a 12AX7 (ECC83) double-triode; the second stage, DC-coupled with the first, gives an out-of-phase signal which is sent to the driver stage.

Power-supply section
GX100-3.6 Quadra-Filar output transformer (specially developed for the 8045G), C1744 low resistance choke self, two 220µF electrolytic caps.

After this stage, the filtered tension is applied to a bridge rectifier.

The Luxman MB-3045s are relatively compact, measuring just 8.5 inches deep, 14 inches wide, and 6 inches tall. Comes with complete tube package... come have a listen at the Lawrence shop or buy with confidence here on this site

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