Luxman, PD 272 w/Signet TK9E Moving Magnet Cartridge "Killer Deck"

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The Luxman PD272 is a two-speed, manual turntable using a DC servo motor direct-drive system.

Slots are completely removed to eliminate unevenness of rotation caused by electromagnetics, and further provided is a turntable platter of high inertia with which the large mass of the platter weight is distributed around the outer contour.

For the tonearm, a straight type is adopted to eliminate resonance caused by lack of solidity which tends to be found on the tonearm exclusively designed for high-compliance type cartridges.


Driving method: direct-drive

Motor: DC servo brushless and slotless

Platter: 30cm aluminium die-cast 1.8kg

Speeds: 33.33 and 45rpm

Pitch control: +-4%

Signal to noise ratio: better than 60dB

Wow and flutter: no more than 0.03% WRMS

Tonearm: straight arm of static balance type

Effective length: 240mm

Overhang: 15mm

Cartridge weight: 4-11g

Stylus pressure: 0-3g (direct reading)

This Luxman is just a beautiful piece of vintage engineering. The Micro Seiki made straight arm tracks true and laser straight. Mounted is a Signet, TK9E HiRes Magnetic Cart that is an amazing match with this table. Brand new scratch free dustcover, upgraded single point isolation feet and Platter Matter matt. Original OM & accompaniment of paperwork. This is a 100% straight-up masterpiece of TT design and performance. Rich rosewood finish sets this table off with its stainless and chrome accents. 

Come demo this fine Luxman piece here at the Lawrence shop or buy with confidence via this website. Hoping NOT to ship this as it would be a shame for this time capsule component to be compromised in any way via transit.

Luxman, PD 272 Direct Drive TT w/Signet, TKE9E Moving Magnet Cart. $799.00 plus applicable sales tax