M&K V-1250 THX Powered Subwoofer

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Miller & Kreisel (M&K) is yet another storied hifi brand.  First getting their shot at subwoofer design in 1973 for Steely Dan's mixing studio, the company took off and become a premier leader in subwoofer design, technology, and system integration.  In later years, M&K was well-positioned in the home theater market as the industry shifted from large floor standing speakers, to compact 5 and 7 channel surround sound with multiple subwoofers. 

The M&K V-1250 THX subwoofer can simultaneously shake your walls and soothe your soul.  The bass from this unit is pronounced without being overpowering.  For music, it accentuates everything you want from the lowest octaves of your music without embellishing too much. 

The sub features a 12" long-throw magnetically shielded woofer and 125 watt power amp.  By today's often inflated figures, 125 watts doesn't seem like a lot for a subwoofer, but in reality it's PLENTY, especially for a system that is design as well as this one. The system has preset equalization for THX surround, which can also be bypassed and user-selected for crossover and output.    This example is in fine physical and sonic condition.  

Demos are available in Lawrence, MA 

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