Magnepan MG-1.6QR with "Mye Sound" Steel Stands

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Magnepan's Magneplanar speaker designs rocked the audiophile world in the 1970s.  Jim Winey's unique approach to speaker design threw away previous blueprints in favor of a completely new approach.  Instead of a pistonic design, dependent on a boxed enclosure to produce bass at meaningful levels, Magneplanars utilize a large sheet of mylar film, attached to a hand-laid, flat voice coil, wedged in between a series of bar magnets.  The whole arrangement causes the mylar sheet to shimmer as music signal passes through the voice coil.  And unlike electrostatics of the era, no external power supply was needed.  Although generally known as "inefficient" speakers in the early days, constant design improvements have led the company to the more contemporary models, including the MG-1.6QR we have here (introduced in 1998). 

The MG-1.6QR is an evolution of the previous model, and had been nominated for a number of awards as an innovative and affordable entry into hi-fi. The MG-1.6QR ribbon element consists of two voice coil designs within one panel, a "tweeter" and "woofer" for lack of a better term.  The independent coils shimmer with the music and cause the panel membrane to produce liquid-sounding music.  The notion of "no box" really comes into play with these speakers.  Room dynamics and placement are key to success, but the results are rewarded with extreme realism, especially in the vocal range.    Couple these speakers with a modest subwoofer below the 40Hz drop-off point, and the result is extraordinary. 

This pair are in exceptional condition throughout, and come fitted with Mye Sound braced steel stands for improved bass performance and control (the stands sell for $320 alone).  

Demos are available in Lawrence, MA.

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