Marantz 1060 Stereo Integrated Amplifiers, Two Available!

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The Marantz 1060 is a classic integrated amplifier and a place in audio history.  The 1060 took its place in the Marantz lineup in 1973 after Saul Marantz sold a large stake of his company to Superscope. To keep things afloat, the company was charged with designing and marketing a modestly powered, high quality set of solid state components that could be used in a freestanding system, or as part of a console assembly.

With a modest 30 watts per channel, the 1060, despite its physical size, can pack a punch when it needs to.  It has an iconic look and is physically in near-perfect condition.  The 1060 was known for a host of features delivered to the consumer at a very reasonable price point, and Marantz sold a LOT of them from 1973 to 1977.

Paired with a set of EPI, Advent, or AR bookshelf speakers and the combination is perfect.  The power delivery is smooth and very "tube-like" with easygoing highs and nice controlled mid-bass push.  

In this case, we have two of these beauties available. Of course, both have been fully reviewed by our in-house tech.  Bias has been adjusted and all controls cleaned.  These units are plug-and-play and ready for many more years of service.  In terms of physical condition, one has a scratched area on the faceplate where the previous.original owner etched their Social Security number right on the front, a common practice in those days.  The other unit is nearly flawless and is priced accordingly. 

Demos are welcome at our showroom in Lawrence, MA.

Unit #1, "Etched" - $499 (plus applicable shipping and/or MA sales tax)

Unit #2, "Clean" - $599 (plus applicable shipping and/or MA sales tax)