Marantz 10B Tube FM Tuner, Cleanest Radio Broadcasts Ever!

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FM Stereo transmission was first approved by the FCC in 1959. From that point forward, the nature of radio changed forever. Stereo broadcasts presented something new and innovative for radio listeners the world-over.  With the concept of stereo separation, being sent over the airwaves, people could experience depth and presence of recorded music (and voice) in a completely different way.

As an industry leader, Marantz embraced this new technology and began the development of a "cost is no object" FM Stereo tuner to accompany their expanding lineup of exceptional hifi gear.  The 10B, which has been largely credited to famed speaker designer, Dick Sequerra, under the tutelage of Saul Marantz himself, was a real statement piece for the company.  The 10B was very expensive to build, and sold for $600-$700 retail, VERY expensive in 1965!  As a result, very few were made and sold.  

The 10B is as beefy as it is beautiful, weighing in at nearly 40 pounds.  The polished aluminum front faceplate, with uncluttered controls, and the 10B's signature oscilloscope display are an absolute treat.  Couple that with the original walnut veneered wood case on our example, and this is one of the finest we've ever experienced. 

The gorgeous looks don't detract from the performance of this tuner. It's simply amazing. If you are in an area with even remotely good radio broadcasts, the 10B pulls stations in with clarity that rivals some digital recordings.  During quiet passages of Ravel's "Bolero", the background is silent.  Dynamics from this tuner are wonderful. 

To top it off, this particular unit was serviced by Dick Sequerra himself, prior to his passing only 2 years ago.  The provenance of this piece is amazing. Offered as another OUTSTANDING component from the Richard K collection. 

I can't say much else or I might have to keep it. 

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