Marantz 2440 Quadraphonic System Adapter & Amplifier

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Marantz has long been a company ready to innovate and adapt with changes in technology.  Today it's digital streaming formats and A/V technological changes.  Back in the 1970s, quadraphonic sound was all the rage...A completely new way to experience music in 3D!  Quad receivers, quad turntables, quad microphones, and quad recording hit the market with a furry for a few long years before it finally fizzled out and was replaced by Dolby Surround sound in 1982. 

The Marantz 2440 was invented to allow stereo listeners the ability to experience quad sounding their existing equipment.  All that was needed was an unused tape-loop and another set of loudspeakers, and the listener could have their setup surrounded by simulated 3D effects and music in a whole new way.  The 2440 was able to interpolate 2-channel program material into 4-channel using Marantz's proprietary Vari-Matrix circuit, or could support SQ or 4-CH standard quad formats. 

The on-board 20 watts per channel was often enough to power a modest set of rear channel speakers, and the adjustability from the front of the unit allowed the user to really dial in the sound to suit personal preferences and room designs.  To top it off, the aesthetic is 100% Marantz. Four, big, blue meters, silver face, big burly knobs.  It has it all and is perfect for the Marantz collector whether using 2 or 4 channels.

This unit has been serviced by our in-house tech but does have 2 issues we need to disclose. These issues are reflected in the price.

1) The unit does produce an audible noise when powering down. This noise is a low enough level that it will not harm speakers, but it is noticeable.  

2) The "master" volume control is aged and has been cleaned as well as possible.  It's not possible to make it cleaner without replacing it.  So, set it and forget it, or deal with a little static when making changes. 

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