Marantz CD-94 II, Dual DAC Wunderkind

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Marantz has been a respected audio brand for seventy (70) years.  Saul Marantz had a vision and some resources back in 1954 to create an audio company that would excel at nearly everything it touched.  When music's CD-era arrived, Marantz was ready with a host of products for the masses, but they didn't forget us audiophiles.  The CD-94 (Mark I) was an exceptionally great CD player for its day.  Built like a tank.  Quiet.  Reliable. Pretty.  But, nothing could be left unsaid for Marantz, so the CD-94 Mark II was released in 1989 with one very important improvement...

Dual DACs. 

Where the MkI relied on a single Philips TDA1541A DAC to do the bulk of the D-to-A processing, the MkII added a second TDA1541A to the mix.  Both chips were mounted on a dedicated, isolated and elevated printed circuit board to reduce noise, and surrounding components were improved to reduce jitter.  The result was an immensely capable CD player with crystal clear detail and imaging.  

Our unit features Marantz's "champagne" silver finish and rosewood side panels.  It has been thoroughly tested and serviced by our tech, including new transport belts and finely adjusted drawer cables. Condition on this piece is near perfect and the sound quality is absolutely top-tier.  

The only item of note is the original remote was lost to time, so a replacement has been sourced and will be included with the sale. 

Demos are encouraged in Lawrence, MA.

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