Marantz SR7400 Stereo/Surround Receiver, Top Notch

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The Marantz SR7400 Stereo/Surround receiver sold for over $1,000 when it was introduced in 2002.  This unit was a top performer with 105 watts per channel, for all five primary output channels (L/C/R/sL/sR), plus the ability to control multiple powered subwoofers for bass management functions. Although some of the alphabet soup that accompanies older home theater receivers like this one are not as familiar today as they were in 2003, they perform admirably.  And moreso, the onboard power of these older receivers can often rival today's hi-end "Class D" amps in terms of overall output and dynamics when used in Stereo mode.   

The SR7400 features Dolby ProLogicEX-II, DTS, SRS, and other simulated surround modes.  Another great feature is the superb internal DAC, which can accommodate a number of inputs and digital sources. 

This SR7400 is in pristine condition with the supplied full-function, memory-equipped remote, manual, and original box and packaging.  This unit was treated with care and will power most speakers with great presence and depth. A great starter for someone getting into the hobby, or for a college dorm room!

Demos are encouraged in Lawrence MA.  Shipping is a real possibility.   An absolute bargain!

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