Marantz, Stereo 240 & Stereo Console 33 Power/Preamp Pair - "Fabulous In Every Way"

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The Marantz, Model 240 Basic Stereo Amplifier isn't just another pretty face, the Model 240 offers the same reliable power, the same craftsmanship and endurance as the Marantz 250 - what it doesn't offer is the two front panel meters. With this model you get all the same high-performance features but, you don't get the meters to tell you about them. You get the Variable Overlap Drive, which automatically compensates for natural aging of components, giving continual "like new" performance. And the Model 240 offers complete stability regardless of load, massive heat sinks and more. 250 Watts continuous power into 8 ohms speakers, (typically 300) from 20 Hz to 20 kHz with total harmonic and intermodulation distortion under 0.1%. So, to get the identical Marantz quality, one was saving some money. When you're thinking about buying a stereo power amplifier, think of the Model 240 as the one that's made to listen to - not look at. "Stereonomono" HiFi Compendium.

The Marantz Console 33 is a high fidelity stereo preamplifier with 1 unswitched and 5 switched rear panel AC outlets for external auxiliary audio devices. Slide controls for volume, balance, bass and treble. This was the mate to the 240 and were almost always sold togther as a matching pair.

So here we have yet another healthy slice of vintage stereo pie. Can't say anything about vintage Marantz that hasn't already been said. The 240 packs real punch but is lush and warm. The Model 33 preamp has all the inputs one would need to plug in all your electronics. Streamer, CD Player, etc & has a killer phono section to add to the analog magic. Condition is sold 9 both pieces with no dings dents scapes or scratches. Only the slightest signs of wear. Just a beautiful pair that will surely be the center hub of your vintage kit. A pair you'll be proud to own. Been thoroughly gone through here in house and is ready to play beautifully for the next 25yrs. Have all the original feet but have been taken off to sit on cork isolation blocks.
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Marantz, Stereo 240 Power Amp and Stereo Model 33 preamp: $1,450 for the pair
*These two pieces will not be separated. They were made for one another...