Martin Logan Dynamo700W, Powered Mini Sub

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The Martin Logan Dynamo700W is a compact, powerful and clean-sounding subwoofer.  Featuring a 300w RMS, 600w Peak on-board power amplifier with Class AB circuitry, and a stiff, lightweight, long-throw 10" cone woofer, this little sub can absolutely crush the low notes.  The satin black painted cabinet is unassuming and small -- less than 13" inches in any direction. The rear panel allows for variable crossover frequency and output, as well as phase control, standard fare for most subwoofers of this caliber. The unit is also capable of remote/wireless signal transfer via ML's own wireless transmitter (SWT-2 Transmitter is Not Included, but can often be found online).   Frequency response is a massive 24-200Hz +/- 3dB.  Incredible for such a small piece of kit. 

Demos are encouraged in Lawrence, MA 

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