Martin Logan Motion 60XT, Brilliant Custom Finish

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“XT stands for extreme, and for good reason. Motion 60XT speakers play louder, lower, and with unflinching accuracy. Dual 8" woofers and rear-firing bass ports create astonishing deep, precise bass, while a dedicated mid woofer promotes an open, revealing and authentic midrange. Paring this powerful trio with our most accurate Folded Motion XT tweeter creates audible acoustic alchemy that delivers an engaging and encompassing experience, cutting straight to the emotion locked inside your favorite recordings. 

Each speaker feature dual sets of custom 5-way binding posts for bi-wire/bi-amp capabilities and powerful rear-firing bass port. Stability is enhanced to create tighter coupling between speaker and floor with the included spikes.” - Martin Logan Website


These Martin Logan Motion XT60 are something special.  Where the original XT60 were available in gloss black, this set have been meticulously refinished in a gorgeous high gloss metallic black auto-grade acrylic, accentuated with hues of red, blue, gold, and green for a subtle but very unique shimmer.  

Like any in the XT series, these speakers sound simply amazing, as MANY positive reviews online will attest. The XT60 are as versatile as they are powerful, and able to pair with nearly any amplifier for excellent results: tube, vintage solid state, or modern class-D. Soundstage is a mile wide. Imaging is spooky with help from the patented air-motion designed tweeters, and the bass response is fast and accurate. Another incredible and highly-desired set of speakers that absolutely slay every type of music.

Come have a listen to these Martin Logan Motion XT60 here at the Lawrence shop or purchase with confidence here on the HHA website.

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