McIntosh MAC4100 Solid State Receiver w/ Wood Case - SOLD

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The McIntosh MAC4100 solid state receiver was produced from 1978-1985 and had a retail price of nearly $2,000 back then. The design of the 4100 was a bit of a departure for McIntosh at the time, but has held its own with its aggressive lines, easy-to-use features, and fuss-free faceplate. On top of that the 4100 delivers on sound, just like its predecessors and every McIntosh components since. 

The 4100 is rated at 75 watts per channel in to 8 ohms or 100 wpc in to 4 ohms. It has some unique features such as the 5-band graphic equalizer, using knobs as opposed to the more common (and problematic) sliders. It also has a variable loudness control instead of a switch which means you can control the level of the loudness, which systematically increases both bass and treble frequencies to compensate for program material or preferred listening levels, rather than just on or off.

The 4100 is a hearty piece of equipment.  It weighs about 42 pounds and with the options (included here) simulated walnut case, measures about 20 x 8 x 14 inches.

This receiver has been extensively cleaned and verified by our in-house tech. It's a bit different than the other Mac amps we've had here at the shop. Great phono stage, ability to drive 3 sets of speakers, and an excellent FM stereo. It does it all!

Demos are welcome here in Lawrence, MA

$1,799 (plus applicable shipping and sales tax) 

* Amp stand shown is not included