McIntosh C33 Preamp, Vintage Beauty - SOLD

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Offering a beautiful McIntosh C33 Preamplifier/Controller.  This unit has been thoroughly serviced by our in-house technician: All controls cleaned, all output sections checked.  

The on-board graphic equalizer provides controls for 5 different frequencies to allow for amazing flexibility with speaker selection and placement.  Paired with our McIntosh 250 solid state power amp is a delicate and amazing combo. 

If you've been looking to ease your way into vintage MacIntosh equipment this would be an excellent place to start your journey. The C33 is a gem for audio enthusiasts who truly know their gear, they value and cherish this solid state pre for years and years.

This unit also includes the original box and wood case.  The wood case has some battle wounds and is missing the PanLoc internal adapters.  

NOTE: The internal "COMPANDER" circuit is not functional on this unit.  We have not diagnosed further.  This does not impact any other functionality at all.


Price reflects any deficiencies.


$899 (plus applicable shipping and sales tax)