McIntosh MC2500, An Immense Amount of Power

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Picture this: You are the type of audiophile who enjoys the nicer things in your musical journey. You like finely tuned harmonies and the gentle plucking of strings to achieve sonic greatness.  You enjoy sitting back in your armchair and meditating on the day's news with soft and soothing melodies wafting over your brainwaves like the easy lapping of a lakeside shore.  

But, be honest, there's another side of you.  There's a side of you that sometimes doesn't want any of that.  When no one is looking you want to wail, stomp your feet like you were trying to dig a trench in the ground, and bang your head until you see stars with your eyes closed.  You want all of the tweeters in your listening room to ring and all of your woofers to push waves of air at your chest in without apology.  

If this sounds familiar, the McIntosh MC2500 amplifier is for you. It's a very simple formula: Combine a globally recognized leader in hifi with a power amplifier that delivers an "adequate" 500 watts per channel into an 8 ohm load with 125 pounds of physical heft.  The MC2500 was introduced in 1982 and to this day is still considered an absolute powerhouse by any standard. The two rear-mounted fans keep things cool while McIntosh's signature "auto-former" outputs drive any speaker, ANY speaker, with authority, clarity and control. 

Of course, this unit has been fully reviewed and tested by our in-house tech.  It has a clean bill of health and has been encouraged to continue a steady diet of "eating other amps for lunch."

Don't miss this one. Especially not at this price (look around, we have the lowest-priced, serviced MC2500 on the globe at the moment.)

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