McIntosh MI-3 Performance Indicator, Just WOW!

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Vintage McIntosh is worth every penny. They sound great, are reliable and conservatively engineered, and parts and service support is available even after 50+ years! Many McIntosh components made in the 1950's, 1960's, and 1970's are still in daily use today. They are Heirloom quality, built to last generations.

This item is a must have for the McIntosh owner who already has everything. The MI-3 is a reference-level, tube-based, audio frequency oscilloscope which was intended to provide a dazzling visual display.  But the unit is not just eye candy.  The scope, which was introduced in 1964 and was offered for nearly 8 years thereafter, allows the user to observe issues within the signal chain that formerly were left to guesswork.  The 3" CRT tube oscilloscope display is adjustable and configurable, and  just really really cool.  

In Multipath mode, the unit behaves as a filter, cleaning the signal before it returns to the preamp, to assist with FM broadcast clarity. 

This unit is in impeccable physical condition.  Barring one small smidge of back-glass delimitation by the left Panloc button, the display is perfect.  The chrome chassis shows zero signs of pitting. And we fitted this unit with an original McIntosh walnut case to really complete the whole look.  

Don't miss this opportunity to own one of Binghampton's finest!

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