Meitner Design emmLabs CDSD/DAC6e Combo, Pure Excellence

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Ed Meitner is the foremost expert in digital audio technology.  Not just a boutique name in the industry, the Meitner legacy lives on inside nearby every CD player made since the dawn of the format by Sony and Philips in the early 1980s. Meitner Design, with products also designed under the emmLabs monicker, is the foremost authority on digital-to-audio conversion of any format, but especially CD, SACD, and DSD.  

The combination presented here is one of emmLabs' staples: the CDSD and DAC6e.  Both units are designed to work completely in harmony with one another.  One being a reference level CD/SACD transport and the other a laboratory reference 6-channel, configurable, digital-to-audio converter.  The specifications on these pieces are incredible and will walk all over nearly anything else on the market today, or within the last 30 years. 

Every component inside the CDSD and DAC6e is made specifically to the company's own specifications, or designed and built completely in-house.  The understated design of the outside of the pieces belies the attention to detail inside; which is like an audio geek's work of art.  The CDSD provides optical and BNC outputs for either DSD or PCM audio, depending on the user's preferred format.  It also features inputs and outputs to allow for either internal or external clock synching. 

The DAC6e is an extraordinary piece with the capability of outputting PCM (44.1, 48, 882. or 96kHz upsampling) or DSD to analog into either 2 or 6 channels for full SACD conversion. Clock synching is designed to work hand-in-hand with the CDSD and functions perfectly. And the unit features both balanced and unbalanced analog outputs.  

If that info was not enough to convince you of why these pieces are special, both have been fully serviced by Meitner Design in Canada and brought back to factory specifications.  This service cost a pretty penny, took nearly 9 months to complete and was a true testament to the dedication and follow-through of the company and its staff.  

The sounds coming from just a regular off-the-shelf CD are remarkable: resolved, clear, well-rounded, and fully of body and life.  You will hear your CDs in a completely new way with this setup. 

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* Note, all necessary digital cables for PCM connection are included in the sale.  As well as the digital owner's manuals and remote controls.

** Also note, these units are sold as a set and cannot be separated.