Meridian 506 Compact Disc Player

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In 1994, it was the mission of every audio company in the industry to develop a best-in-class CD player in what become a highly competitive and saturated market. As engineers started to understand the nuances and "art" of digital-to-analog conversion, all manner of converters, filters, processors, and error correction circuits were being designed within and without.

Meridian, a long-time UK favorite, was no stranger to the CD game; embracing the technology in direct competition with Linn and Quad systems from the same era.  The 500 series, including the 506 model pictured here, were penned as improved, happily-priced options for budding audiophiles.  The 506 player in particular features a number of trickle-down technologies from Meridian's flagship 600 series, and a few new tricks of its own.

To start, the 506 chassis was newly redesigned for electro-mechanical isolation, stability, and economy.  The molded front panel is sleek and modern, with elongated buttons that have a nice, tactile feel. The display is clear and easy to read. The top of the 506 is adorned with a beautiful piece of black glass, which not only dresses it up, but acts as a damping material in between the sections of molded steel which form its underpinnings.

The 506 uses a venerable Crystal CS4328 DAC, common among British players of this age, and a Philips SAA7310 chip for error correction.  The playback mechanism is very uniquely designed: the CD tray is not just a tray.  First, the platter itself is molded from carbon fibre to reduce resonance.  Second, the laser is embedded into the drawer itself, keeping it hermetically sealed and even further isolated from electro-mechanical interference from outside sources. Analog and digital outputs finish off the player and provide flexibility and functionality. 

This unit is in excellent condition. The glass top is perfect.  The plastic trim piece at the top/rear of the unit has a slight bulge from age, but otherwise the player looks and plays perfect. CDs are tracked readily.  Sound quality is excellent, dare we say "warmer" than we are used to from CDs in general. The remote control has been lost to time and our price reflects that deficiency.

This unit can be demoed at our Lawrence, MA showroom. 

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