Michael Chang's, Lightspeed CLS HT-1000 Powerline Filter

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"Michael Chang, engineer and stereophile, designed the Lightspeed Powerline Filters after being disappointed with the powerline filters available on the market. Mr. Chang's design eliminates AC contamination without the use of lag/noise inducing transformers or coils. In 1991, Michael and his sister Stella founded Chang Audio Corporation.

A small staff of technicians hand assembles and tests each unit from quality parts before it is shipped out. The combination of this care in craftsmanship, with the effectiveness of filtration and the units' reasonable cost, has won Chang Lightspeed Powerline Filters acclaim and buyers worldwide." - Chang Website 

Michael Chang's Lightspeed Powerline Filters are arguably the most high quality componants of their kind the audio industry has ever seen. They are becoming more and more rare in the pre-owned market and this CLS HT 1000 is among his greatest accomplishments. 9+ condition, it looks like it just came out of it's box.
6 Digital Outlets – Level one filtration (Core-L5)
4 Amplifier Outlets – Level two filtration (Core-L5)
2 Analog Outlets – Level four filtration (Core-L5)
HyperDrive(TM) technology (Core-H1)
RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) Compliant
Maximum Power – 2500 W @ 125 VAC
Power Consumption – 3 W @ 125 VAC ; unit does not sleep
Power 20 high current-low noise power cord
Surge Protection Capacity - 560 J / 40 000 A
Maximum Continuous Current - 20 A
Operating temp: : -40 ~ 85 °C (-40 ~ 185 °F)
Dimensions = L x D x H
483 x 235 x 135 mm (19 x 9.25 x 5.3 in.)
Net weight: 7.8 kg (17.1 lbs)

Lightspeed CLS HT 1000 Powerline Filter: $599 plus sales tax when applicable



• Remove impurities and artifacts from the alternating current (AC) that energizes your components
• Protect components from damaging effects of voltage surges
• Reduce pre-existing AC interference without adding any additional artifacts
• Deliver current instantly