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Although these m-1 strongly resemble the extraterrestrial monoliths in Stanley Kubrick's film 2001: A Space Odyssey, the Mirage, m-1 loudspeaker arrives from a bit closer to home: Ontario, Canada. Despite its unusual appearance-and sound quality - the M-1 is a rather conventional vented system using dynamic drivers.

The system's uniqueness originates from the two complete sets of drivers contained in each enclosure, one set of three (woofer, midrange, and tweeter) on the front and an identical set on the back. All the drivers, which are designed and manufactured by Mirage, are aligned vertically and are slightly offset from the center of their baffles. The speakers are therefore sold in mirror-image pairs; Kubrick's monoliths came one at a time, lol.

So the m-1 is a shockingly great speaker. The overall look isn't for everyone but their performance certainly is. We can't find a genre of music that these Mirages don't excell with. Being fed a steady diet of vintage McIntosh, Auralic & then VPI on the analog end and they are just fabulous!

Demos are encouraged here at the shop or purchase online via this website. Please discuss shipping options before hitting the "buy now" button. These need to go Pilot Freight so call a quote.

Mirage, m-1 full range towers: $1,650 includes freight shipping to Indiana