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Mission was a company caught between 2 continents in the 1980s and 1990s.  Originally founded in the UK, and later with manufacturing operations in Canada, the speaker line adopted similar design characteristics from each "parent."  The result was always a very smooth sound, articulate without being clinical, and just enough design innovation to make things interesting without getting into trouble!  Very British, indeed!

The Argonaut, also known as the Model 780, was Mission's top-of-the-line model in 1987 with a retail price of $1,799! The Argonaut is a tall, handsome design with real wood veneer cabinets that house twin 8.5" poly cone woofers flanking a 1" poly dome tweeter.  The tweeter, in it's d'Appolito layout, is further modified by an elliptical waveguide they called a "Super Elliptical Impedance Transformer."  The idea, as with most waveguides, is to create a more predictable set of reflections immediately in front of the tweeter's diaphragm to control movement, and therefore impedance anomalies.  In practice, the tweeter becomes more efficient, as one would expect with a horn-shaped opening, but also maintains clarity and control. 

These speakers are a tremendous value. They are efficient enough to play loud, but delicate enough to very intricate passages in music. They are non-fatiguing and excel at all types of music.  Really a well-balanced contender. 

Condition is very good, with a few "touch ups" through the years, but no show stoppers.

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