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Instantly recognizable for their network boxes, MIT is one of the pioneers of the high-end cable industry. MIT founder Bruce Brisson started designing cables back in the 1970s and eventually licensed his first designs to Monster Cable. You might recall Monster Cable’s breakthrough Interlink Reference from 1981 which featured many of Bruce’s patents such as “Bandwidth Balanced”, “Phase Correct” and “Time Correct” windings. This was the first high-end cable specifically designed to reduce the inherent distortions of audio signal-carrying cables. In 1984, Bruce formed Music Interface Technologies (MIT) and continued to develop new cable technologies culminating in MIT’s patented low-pass filter network concept or Multipole Technology. MIT has also designed or manufactured cables for other audio companies such as Wilson Audio Specialties, Spectral Audio, Jeff Rowland Design Group, Martin Logan and Goldmund Audio. MIT products are also used in many recording studios and film production facilities such as Skywalker Sound.

Many audiophiles have pondered on the mystery contents of those black boxes. Some have even cracked them open, posted pictures on the Web and expressed disappointment on finding mere inductors, caps and resistors. What were they expecting? Dilithium crystals? It should become obvious to anyone who takes the time to browse MIT’s website what’s in these boxes. Even the logo for MIT’s Multipole Technology features a stylized representation of a cap, inductor and resistor. While MIT has revealed some interior pictures of their networks recently, they are deliberately vague on precise details. Bruce and company have spent over 30 years and considerable amounts of money researching and developing their designs and understandably don’t want to share it with their competitors. In the end, it’s the results that matter and not what’s in the box.

These MIT Shotgun interconnects are in exceptional condition/ they are resolving and highly articulate. They will bring your amp/preamp connection to the next level. Truly a high end pair,... you will hear immediately differences in tone/weight and overall musicality.

MIT, Shotgun S3 1M Pair: $329.00 + applicable sales tax