Monitor Audio MA800-Gold, Smooth English Performers

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Monitor Audio's early days in Cambridge, England in 1972 started with the MA1, a square floor-standing 3-way design comprised of KEF, B&W, Coles and almost any other UK brand founder Mo Iqbal could get his hands on!  The MA1 was the spring board for Monitor Audio to become an audio establishment that would span many generations. 

In 1988, the MA800-Gold model was developed as a compromise between the smaller MA700 and floor standing MA1200.  The "slightly larger than bookshelf size" of the 800 means it can stand proud on a stand and provide the listener with the openness of a hall bookshelf speaker but the placement flexibility of a floor standing speaker. 

The MA800-Gold features Monitor's own gold-deposited 1" ceramic-metallic composite dome tweeter and 6.5" polypropylene long-throw woofer with integral phase-plug.  The system's smooth frequency response and easy-listening attitude made it an instant hit. This set features a beautiful teak wood finish and dark brown grille cloth which looks very elegant with only the most minor signs of wear.  These are a great "all day" speaker with articulate midrange and non-fatiguing highs. 

Demos are encouraged in Lawrence, MA.

* Note, stands are not included.

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