MSB Technology, LinkDAC

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The MSB LinkDAC is a no-brainer upgrade for anyone with a CD player or older DAC/transport who is looking for better sound. All in all, you get more than fair-for-the-money sound quality from the Link DAC. We have this 96K/24bit piece connected through a fiber optic cable to a Node, 2i... have to say, the improvement over the BlueSound onboard DAC is measurable and decisively in favor of the MSB leading one to conclude, this pice will upgrade "most" streaming applications too. It won’t go out and decimate the state of the art, although the performance improvement with older CD players (and older DACs), lower-cost DVD & basic streamers is so obvious that nobody will waffle over whether to keep the Link DAC in their kit or not. MSB’s Link DAC is a heck of a great value & we couldn't agree more.

Come give this fine vintage DAC a twirl at our Lawrence showroom or purchase with confidence via this website.

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