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Musical Fidelity has been making extraordinary hifi audio products since the 1970s. Their attention to detail in design and construction is unsurpassed, and their ability to pack huge amounts of power into small packages is a remarkable feat.  

The A3.2 CD Player is yet another example.  Introduced in 2002, this CD player included advanced 24-bit decoding and Musical Fidelity's "Trivistor" mini-tube transistors to transform bland, harsh CD recordings into smooth, detailed, and incredible sounding experiences.  There is a beautiful richness to the sound that is unmatched my many other CD players, especially from this era.  You will want to listen to your entire music library over, and over again. 

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This example is in pristine condition.  Not one scratch.  Comes complete with manual, remote, box and packaging.  Can be shipped easily.  

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