Musical Fidelity M3Si & M3SCD, Meant to be Together!

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Musical Fidelity has been making extraordinary hifi audio products since the 1970s. Their attention to detail in design and construction is unsurpassed, and their ability to pack huge amounts of power into small packages is a remarkable feat.  

The M3S series of components from Musical Fidelity are yet more examples of the company's many design and acoustic achievements.  Introduced in 2014, the new "MxS" series from Musical Fidelity succeed in reproducing music effortlessly, from their entry-level models to the flagship M8Si, the entire range is capable and flexibility for almost any listening environment.

The M3Si integrated features 85 watts per channel of class A/AB power with low-noise and improved amplifier stability to allow it to drive nearly any load with east.  The slick, matte black chassis with silver accents is beautiful in its simplicity.  The front face is uncluttered and features a large, purpose-oriented volume knob positioned right in the center. 

The M3SCD CD player and transport is as capable and impressive as everything else in the MxS line.  The onboard 24-bit, Delta-Sigma 8x oversampling DAC sounds incredibly smooth.  In addition to CD playback, this unit features USB (24/96), Coaxial (32/192), and TOSKLINK (32/96) digital inputs, individually selectable -- Allowing the M3SCD to be used as a stand-alone DAC for other sources, including digital streamers.

These pieces are in pristine condition.  Not one scratch.  Both come complete with manual, remote, box and packaging; and can be shipped easily.  

$2,199 for the set (plus applicable shipping and/or MA sales tax)


** Priced separately: 

M3si Integrated Amplifier: $1,199

M3SCD Transport/DAC: $1,199