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MT/Musical Technology, Kestrel British Floor Standing High End Hifi Speakers. These little rascals are "shockingly good"

The MT, Kestrels were one of the best performing speakers under $800 in the mid 1990s. Excellent sound, fast and neutral mids, finely detailed top end and tuneful bass. They have a metal cone bass driver which is light and stiff and integrates naturally with the metal dome tweeter. They use the well regarded Vifa D25AG tweeter, also used in speakers like the PMC, TB1. The triangle shaped cabinets are inherently stronger than a square enclosure, sounds less less boxy with lower coloration and tighter bass.

This quote from a famous audio-forum (unnamed) sums up the Kestrels well: “I used to work as an acoustics engineer (transducer designer) with Clive Gibson for several years, so know the speaker range quite well. they are very underrated and can sound exceptional, especially the Kestrel, which as long as your listening room isn’t large can sound spectacular with good partnering equipment.” - nuff said!

These Kestrels are in excellent condition with only minor wear to the beautiful cherry veneered cabinets. The drive units are in perfect condition and perfect working order. Very clean audio, no distortion. No dents in the domes or cones. 32" H and not placement critical. Please know these little gems are incredibly rare in the US and came to us through a long time audio friend who originally purchased them in Australia.

Smaller room, uncomplicated music and at conversational playback levels - PURE MAGIC!

Come listen to these amazing MT, Kestrels at our Lawrence showroom or purchase with confidence via our website.

Musical Technology, Kestrel Mini Towers: $299.00 plus applicable sales tax