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New Acoustic Dimensions, Inc. (NAD) was a company "before its time" from the minute it was founded in 1972. NAD was the brainchild of Dr. Martin Borish, an engineer and physicist whose innovative transistor-based circuits are still being used by the company today.  

NAD was, and still is, popular for its audio components, but the company delved into speakers a few times, one such example being these unique and rare DSP-8100 power desktop monitors.  Considering when they were made, the DSP-8100 represent "counter culture" as a speaker.  They are compact, powerful, and unassuming....Not very 80s!

The speakers feature a 3/4" polyamide tweeter and 5.25" long-throw paper cone woofer. Each speaker is equipped with its own power amplifier supplying about 20 watts to the drivers across a passive network.  

Three separate inputs on the rear of the speaker allow for various types of audio to be processed by the speakers internal EQ circuits: TV High (gain), TV Low (gain), and Hifi.  In addition, one output allows the speakers to tether to a separate amplifier or even a powered subwoofer.  The front controls feature Volume, Tweeter Level Control, Noise Reduction, and an Input selector switch.  

These are a well-kept secret and very functional bit of NAD history.  

Demos are encouraged in Lawrence, MA.

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