Nakamichi 582, 3-Head Stereo Cassette Deck

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Nakamichi arguably made the best cassette decks in the 1980s and 1990s.  They were known for excellent specifications, beautiful play, and durability.  Most well-known for the "Dragon" cassette deck which is considered the best ever made.  But just prior to that epic era as rulers of the cassette kingdom, in 1979, Nakamichi unleashed the 580, 581 and 582 and cassette players to the market... The first steps toward cassette supremacy!

The 582 model was their top of the line, high performance 3-(discrete) head cassette player and recorder. The specialized record calibration dials on the front of the unit allowed the user to finely adjust the recording sensitivity track-by-track, ensuring the highest possible recording fidelity from various outside sources.  The modern, IC-controlled transport mechanism ensures perfect transport speed across every inch of tape.  The 582 was so good, in fact, that audiophile reviewers would use this model to evaluate the tapes themselves! 

The 582 is an under-rated and exceptional sounding piece of equipment.  We were absolutely amazed at how well it brought our detail in tape recordings that we simply couldn't hear on other decks.  The controls are easy to use and the extra-wide chassis is very elegant.  Like all our cassette players, this unit has been completely serviced, calibrated, and verified.  it has gone through extensive testing and we think it is the best one around!

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