Nakamichi 610 Control Preamplifier/Mixer - SOLD

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Nakamichi has long been known for developing incredibly innovative and feature-packed products with great sound quality and usability.  The company's studio series components represented their attempt at studio-quality components that could be used at home, giving consumers the look, feel and performance of a top-rated studio.  

The 610 Preamplifier/Controller was the centerpiece of this series of products.  Known for being the most flexible preamp available at the time, and by some accounts even today.  Standing in front of this preamp, you really feel like you are in control of the music, or maybe a small plane.  There's more buttons and switches than most audiophiles will ever need, and a set of illuminated meters to reassure the user that they can see the music as accurately as they can hear it!

This is really a unique and beautiful piece of engineering. This unit has been thorough cleaned and serviced.  All functions work perfectly and with a theoretical noise level as close to absolute zero as possible, it also sounds fantastic.  This unit is for the audiophile who thinks they have everything, but then realize they barely survived without a 610 by their side.

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