Nakamichi CR-7A Cassette Deck - SOLD

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Nakamichi has long been known for exceptional sound quality and innovation in their product design and development.  Specifically, Nakamichi cassette decks have been leaders in the industry, with some of the cleanest possible sound extracted from the cassette format.  The CR-7A was made from 1986-1993 and incorporated some of the most popular features of the day, and some specialty features unique to Nak.

The CR-7A features three types of filtering, Dolby B, Dolby C, and MPX.  This gives the user the greatest amount of flexibility in both recording and playback to clean the tape output signal to the best extent possible.  The playback head has a manual Azimuth control, playback and record timer, Autofade, and a subsonic filter.  On top of that, auto calibration for the various types of tapes available at the time. All of these features take the guess work out of playback, yet give the user enough control to "season to taste" as the enjoy their favorite bands. 

The meter and level controls work together to give a visual show of the music as it plays, and the output level is variable (separately from the record level) to allow for output matching with other equipment.  Nakamichi literally thought of everything. 

This deck has ben fully tested and cleaned.  All three heads work as they are supposed to.  Azimuth is dialed in, bias is dialed in.  And sound quality really is remarkable for a cassette format. 

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