Nakamichi, LX-3 Cassette Deck - Back to the Future Cool!

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The LX-3 is a fantastic deck in that it has most of the ingredients that makes classic Naks so sought after. The HQ transport is the same as the 303. Same heads, same everything. It has Dolby C, a digital counter and a bias adjustment as upgrades from a base unit like the 480 but it's got a performance and aesthetic vibe that is unmistakably Classic Nak Cool. In fact, the LX series construction is just like the ZX-7 in layout and chassis.

So everything old is new again in audio these days... cassette decks are having a minute and some of the pieces we have are really incredible. Everyone remembers Nakamichi decks from the 1st time around. They are performance champs and from there flagship Dragon on down the line, each are all high quality. This LX-3 is as clean a deck as we've ever come accross. It shows only the slightest signs of wear and comes complete with original box & packaging - looking for a Nak deck, this ones can't miss on every level. Totally gone through here by our in-house expert tech staff and ready to play and record all your favorite music. 

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Nakamichi LX-3 (3) Head Classic Cassette Deck: $449 + sales tax and shipping when applicable