Nakamichi RX-202, UDAR, Dolby & Flip Front!

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Nakamichi has long been known for exceptional sound quality and innovation in their product design and development.  From the simplest cassette decks to the most advanced all-in-one system, Nakamichi has historically delivered on that promise. Nakamichi arguably made the best cassette decks in the 1980s and 1990s.  They were known for excellent specifications, beautiful play, and durability.  Most well-known for the "Dragon" cassette deck which is considered the best ever made, much of that technology trickled down to the rest of the RX line.

The RX-202, and some of its brethren, are best known for the UDAR feature which stood for "Uni Directional Auto Reverse."  Any other company would have probably played around with the tape head spacing and configuration to make this system work, but Nakamichi said, no no, we need to have the cassette flip itself over within the unit.  Why?  Well, that way the tape head design, and space used to read/write the tape are not compromised.  This maintains impeccable sound quality throughout and adds much-needed functionality.  Hence, the Flip Front was born!

It's really a cool conversation piece. The 2-head, 4-motor mechanism is complex and yet a glorious solution to a common problem.  As with all of our tape players, this unit has been fully restored by Tom B.  All mechanical components in the tape pathway have been serviced, cleaned, resurfaced, or otherwise brought back to spec.  Speed has been checked and verified.  And Play/Record fidelity are top-notch. 

Demos are encouraged in Lawrence, MA.

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