Nakamichi ZX-9, Has a Better Cassette Player Existed?

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In the world of cassette decks, the name Nakamichi stands out as legendary. The Nakamichi "Dragon" are highly sought after pieces of audio kit for collectors from around the Globe.  The Dragon had a long-storied production run of 11 years, ending in 1993.  It was famous for a number of things besides its incredible play/record capabilities.  Namely, the build quality and technical specs on the Dragon were unmatched...With the exception of one other cassette deck to hit the market only 1 year prior to the Dragon...The ZX-9.  

The ZX-9 is essentially a Dragon in more pedestrian garb. It features a very similar linear transport with dual-capstan, direct-motor drive system.  These features are part of what makes the deck sound so good.  These precision controlled motors reduce Wow & Flutter to almost negligible levels.  Adding to that, the ZX-9 also features manually fine-tuned Azimuth and Bias settings; features familiar to Dragon owners.  The three-discrete heads are capable of clean and clear broadcasts on Normal, CrO2, and Metal tapes with limited tape wear due to a superior head material. 

There is a reason legends are adopted, and once you see, hear, and feel the ZX-9 in operation, you'll start to understand what makes it so special.  This unit has been completely overhauled by our tech.  Portions of the motor control and power supply have been recapped.  A new logic IC has been fitted to control tape movement and playback sequencing.  And the direct drive motors and mechanisms have all been thoroughly cleaned and lubricated for trouble-free operation. 

If you ever wanted a Dragon, but didn't want to get burned by their $5k-and-up prices, the ZX-9 is for you. 

Demos are encouraged in Lawrence, MA. 

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