N.E.A.R. (New England Audio Resource) 50Me Towers

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New England Audio Resource developed speakers in the 1980s and 1990s as an offshoot of the vintage company, Bogen.  Based in CT and then relocated to Maine, N.E.A.R. experimented very early on with the concept of a "speakerless" speaker, in other words, one which didn't suffer from colorations caused by the structures behind the drivers themselves. The company used innovative, lightweight cone materials and drivers without the typical internal spider suspension components to deliver a higher level of sonic purity.  

The Model 50Me was well-reviewed in its day.  All three drivers use extremely lightweight alum cone materials with very high resonant break-up.  This allowed the designers to utilize narrow crossover points with tight tolerances.  The midrange and tweeter are mounted high on a gently sloped front baffle.  The drivers integrate seamlessly in space, even from very short distances of only a few inches; the separation of the two components is nearly imperceivable. 

The bottom 8" woofers on these models are mounted low in the cabinet, with a rear-facing tuned port, allowing them to reach down to the 50 Hz range with clean clear bass and mid-bass.  

You'll notice that the bottom woofers are slightly different on our examples.  Probably the result of slight changes in production despite the sequential serial numbers. it is also possible, this pair were designed to work together as a left-right pair with different character loading for a specific custom application. Whatever the reason, the result is clean, well-developed low-end.  And the price reflects this anomaly as well as some minor physical bumps and bruises. Overall very presentable speakers and a joy to listen to. 

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