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NHT, (Now Hear This) developed a proprietary focused image concept to be implemented in this two-way speaker system. Room reflections destroy the structure of spatial information laid out on a recording. It's impossible to totally avoid reflections. But to reduce to some minimum is possible and is without question working in this speakers design & development. The rotation at 21° of the front panels of the speaker systems and asymmetric position of the tweeter provide high measure of focusing of sound energy at the listening point. Closed design was also the corporate style of NHT uniformly.

The system works brilliantly with low frequencies, which provide a monolithic unity of the image as the foundation. The upper bass is detailed and sensitive with kick & punch. It also plays super clean at the top of range, so all high-frequency details spread across the listening area and their slightly overall background contrast doesn’t mess things up at all. High volume levels don’t scare these little devils. These speakers have fabulously accurate mid frequency dynamics that provide the naturalness and makes them full of sparkle and life. Have always been a fan of this design and we gave these a serious listen. In a medium size room and placed accordingly on 24”-26” stands, you’ll NOT find as completely satisfying a speaker as these 1.5s. Just brutally accurate and with good quality amplification, play ridiculously better than the selling price would suggest. Solid 8+ condition with only the slightest signs of wear.

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NHT, (Now Hear This) Model 1.5 Stand Mount Speakers: $249 + applicable sales tax

*Stands NOT included