Nordost Quatro Fil, 3 meter (10') RCA Interconnects - SOLD

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So, if you don’t yet think cables sound different, jeez, evolve a little will you, Neanderthal? Are you still wrapped around the objectivist axle believing cables don’t sound different because the differences can’t be measured? Get over it. There’s no meter, ‘scope, or spectrum analyzer that can tell you von Karajan from Szell, Jagger from Tyler, Brubeck from Hirsch, Bacharach from McCartney, Severance Hall from Sydney Opera Hall. Yet there are also important differences we can hear, differences that mean something to us. We hear subtleties in sound that differentiate banjo strings from three different manufacturers and violins from three different centuries; do you really think audio cables don’t sound different? [insert sound byte of maniacal laughing here] - Unnamed reviewer

Have two sets (pairs) of these incredible RCA interconnects - (1) 3M & (1) 5M. These were originally priced at $1,600 per/meter. They are STILL amongst the best connects offered today and Nordost, right here in Framingham, MA is clearly one of the top outfits in the industry. Read these incredible reviews!

Nordost Quatro Fil 3 meter pair RCA interconnect: $400