Nordost SPM Reference "Flatline" Speaker Cable, 14'3" Length Pair - SOLD

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Nordost has been pushing the boundaries of material science as they apply to audiophile cabling for speakers and interconnects.  When the SPM Reference Flatline was developed in 1997, the market hadn't really seen anything like it.  Carefully formulated copper alloy strands are placed methodically in a linear array to reduce the cable's internal inductance, resistance, and potential for EMF or eddy current interference.  

This pair of cables were custom made to a huge 14'3" length, which for cables that originally cost $1,999 per meter in 1997, is just amazing.  The terminations are custom, factory terminated banana plug with single ends on both sides of the cable. (Nordost typically wired the SPM Reference line for single-to-dual ends unless custom ordered.)

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