Octave Audio V70SE Tube Integrated, Optional Phono

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If you want all of the warmth, detail, and class of the V40SE, but with a little more juice to your speakers, the V70SE is your next step to audio nirvana.  The Vx0SE line of amplifiers from Octave Audio will be future classics.  They perform like nothing we've ever heard, with an absolute silent "blackest black" acoustic foundation for any type of music.  Where the V40SE excels at high-efficiency and medium-efficiency speakers, the V70SE model can handle almost any load.  And coupled with Octave's Black Box technology, can handle 2 ohm loads with aplomb.  

The amp comes with four 6550 tubes outputting 70 watts per channel in an "power tetrode" configuration.   Like all Octave amps, the V70SE has one of the highest S/N ratios we have ever seen, especially at this price point, at >100dB at full power. That is amazing!

The V70SE's angular cage is borrowed from the big cousin, V80SE, and compliments the chassis' sharp and aggressive lines. The centered LED selector screen provides a simple road map into the unit's operation, but nothing more. This amp looks like it means business because it does.

The V70SE also features 4 line level RCA inputs, 1 balanced input, one tape-loop output, and one set of pre-out/main-in connectors. An optional Phono input is available (replacing "Aux/Line-2")

Available in Silver and Black finish.