Ohm Model L Loudspeakers, Vintage Bookshelf Power

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Ohm Acoustics Corp was formed in the early 1970s by a group of audio entrepreneurs that reads like a "who's who" of vintage audio.  With the goal of replicating, as realistically as possible, the sound of a live performance, this group set out to create a speaker that produced an omni-directional sound, but with enough clarity and precision to satisfy the most discerning listeners.  The Ohm Walsh inverted cone driver shocked the audio world when the concept was introduced, with a full-range system that could dynamically reproduce the entire audible frequency spectrum, with clarity, from one driver. 

The Ohm Model L were one of the company's "bread and butter" products, using a traditional compact box design with three drivers and a simple 2nd-order internal network with adjustable midrange and tweeter controls on the back of the cabinet, The compact design is very impactful and can be powered from even small to modest receivers and amplifiers.  These examples have some bumps and bruises from the years, but the real walnut veneer is very presentable. Placement of these speakers is very easy.

Demos are of course encouraged in Lawrence, MA

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