Onkyo TX-4500 Vintage Stereo Receiver

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Being an industry's "best kept secret" is sometimes a good thing, unless that title lends itself to historic obscurity.  Onkyo is one of those brands that is often forgotten in the conversation of 1970s receivers for this reason.  Onkyo was then, and still is today, a relatively small company.  Originally formed in 1946 to create Japan's finest loudspeakers, the company quickly emerged as a comparative value player in hifi components as well.  It can be argued that Onkyo's peak popularity occurred in the 1980s with their high-powered "Integra" line of amplifiers and complimentary components.  Part of a larger conglomerate today, the brand is going through some trying times, but the appeal of their vintage equipment is beginning to improve as hifi enthusiasts look beyond Pioneer and Sansui for something powerful and unique to add to their collection.

The TX-4500 receiver features a classic "Silver Face" look with all of the features and power one would expect from a 1976 example.  The amplifier sports 55 watts per channel with very low harmonic distortion, the ability to connect up to three sets of speakers, and several input options -- Including two phono stages, and three combined AUX/TAPE-LOOP jacks in the back.  The star of the show, however, is the 4500's large, backlit tuning dial.  The look and the signal quality are equally impressive.  

This unit is in excellent condition and has been completely serviced by our tech.  All controls have been cleaned, and output relays replaced for many more years of trouble-free operation. 

Demo this beautiful piece of audio art at our Lawrence, MA showroom. 

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